Top 6 Google Ads Mistakes Holding You Back (And How to Fix Them)

If your Google Ads results aren’t hitting the mark, you’re not alone. These common errors could be draining your budget and hindering your success:

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Mistake #1: Mixing Up Your Keywords

Think of keywords like ingredients in a recipe. Using unrelated terms in your Google Ads campaigns is like throwing random ingredients into a dish – the results won’t be good!

  • Why it matters: Relevance is king for Google Ads. Tightly themed keywords improve quality score, lower costs, and get your ads in front of the right people.
  • How to fix it: Focus each ad group on a specific product or service. For example, “men’s hoodies” and “women’s sneakers” get their own ad groups.


Mistake #2: Overlooking the Search Terms Report

This report is a treasure trove of insights! It reveals the actual searches that triggered your ads, letting you pinpoint:

  • Wasted spend: See irrelevant searches and add them as negative keywords to protect your budget.
  • Missed potential: Find high-converting terms you hadn’t considered and target them for even more leads.
  • How to fix it: Regularly review your search terms report and take action – refine keywords and add negatives.

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Mistake #3: Misusing Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords can be powerful, but they need careful handling. They can match to a wide range of searches, some less relevant than others.

  • Why it matters: Used recklessly, broad match can waste your budget. But when paired with smart strategies, you can uncover new opportunities.
  • How to fix it: Test broad match keywords alongside Google’s Smart Bidding for conversion-focused campaigns. Monitor closely and add negative keywords over time.

Mistake #4: Neglecting Your Product Feed

Your product feed is the foundation of your Google Shopping ads. Incomplete or inaccurate product data hurts your visibility and sales.

  • Why it matters: Google needs accurate information to match your ads to the right searches.
  • How to fix it: Ensure your feed includes essential details (brand, size, color, etc.). Use Google’s Feed Rules for quick fixes, or invest in a feed management tool.

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Mistake #5: Relying on Last-Click Attribution

Don’t be fooled by a limited view of conversions! Last-click attribution gives all the credit to the final click, ignoring earlier touchpoints that led to the sale.

  • Why it matters: You might be undervaluing keywords and ads that play a crucial role in the customer journey.
  • How to fix it: Consider data-driven or other attribution models that give a more complete picture of performance.

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Mistake #6: Confusing Google’s Conversion Goals

Smart Bidding needs clear direction. Conflicting or vague conversion goals prevent your campaigns from reaching their full potential.

  • Why it matters: Focus on the actions that truly drive your business, such as purchases. Accurate conversion tracking is vital.
  • How to fix it: Align campaign goals with core business objectives and double-check your conversion tracking setup in Google Ads.

The Solution: Get Expert Google Ads Help

Fixing these mistakes takes time, knowledge, and ongoing attention. That’s where we come in! Our Google Ads specialists will:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of your account
  • Implement fixes and strategic optimizations
  • Manage your campaigns for ongoing success.

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