Are You Going Back to the Office? Pros and Cons List

Are you heading back to the office?

Working full-time, part-time? Or are you doing something different altogether? We all feel strongly about working from home.

It might be that you’re dreading the return, or you might already be back in the office full-time. This is why there is no better way to decide than with a classic pros and cons list — and why the answer might not be so simple. In fact, we think it’s all about balance.

The Benefits of Working From Home

Who is reading this article working from home in their PJ’s?

We think it’s pretty likely! And it might not be a bad thing. In fact, skipping the daily rise and grind is one of the major reasons why some employees are not looking to return to the office.

Borrowing from the New York Times, they cite these major reasons for why we’re not rushing for a return to normal.

  • Less time commuting: I don’t think anyone misses the 5 pm rush on the road.
  • A known environment: No one will judge how many times you make a cup of tea.
  • Financial savings: No more buying lunch every day at the office.
  • More time: You don’t have to commute home before your afternoon walk.
  • Greater productivity: Major studies have shown little difference in productivity.

Do you agree with the reasons listed above?

The Drawbacks of Working From Home

Working from home might not be for everyone.

This is especially common with people that have young children at home which can be distracting during the workday. Or even if you have housemates. There is no one-fit solution for everyone. Some common answers are:

  • Lack of community: If you like working with others you could find this difficult.
  • Less motivation: Some people can find it hard to get motivated
  • Lack of equipment: Sometimes your old laptop isn’t up to the task.
  • No free space: Unless you have a spare room or office WFH might be difficult.
  • Burnout: It can be hard to separate your working and home life.

Do you identify more with this list of cons? Just know that you’re not alone.

Finding The Right Balance

Let us start by saying there is no easy answer to the great working from home debate. Everyone’s unique personal and work circumstances can change how you feel.

This is why you need to find a balance between them both. We have seen a massive growth in flexible working arrangements.

Here are some tips to ensure a successful transition:

  • Try working from home one day a week — like Fridays.
  • Ease yourself back in — don’t go straight back to five days.
  • Keep your good habits — try and go for that afternoon walk after commuting.
  • Make sure your workplace is social — people don’t want to come back to a soulless office.
  • Ensure that you check in with employees to ensure they feel heard.

The Hybrid Model

The workplace is changing. We need to grow with it.

Forbes released this data about the hybrid model:

  • 84% said that the benefits of a hybrid/remote work model outweighed the cons.
  • 73% of managers said two or three days in the office and the rest working from home would be the preferred hybrid work model.
  • 54% of individual contributors preferred either a flexible two or three days a week in the office or an ‘at-will’ hybrid model.

They concluded with what we already know: a happy workforce is a productive workforce. And as the Great Resignation looms, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your employees feel respected.

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