Converted: How Search Marketing Has Really Clicked For Me

Having come from a predominantly client facing role, I must admit I was nervous to become a full time search marketing guru. But the nerves were for nothing, it has turned into one of the most rewarding roles of my career so far.

My job involves creating paid ads for clients, spanning across the Google search network, Google display network, and social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I aim to get their business the most traffic and conversions, for the lowest cost possible.

Seeing clients achieve and exceed mutually set goals is the most rewarding aspect of my job. The great thing about search advertising is that you have the ability to track every step the customer takes. You are able to know what page of a website the user entered through, how many pages they browsed, and where they exited. You can follow if they made a purchase, and how much that purchase was worth, or if they submitted a contact form. I am a firm believer in data driven results, and I am in a role where I can apply exactly that.

Google Shopping is probably an area of pay-per-click which is neglected the most, likely because of its perceived difficulty. I’m the first to put my hand up and say ‘guilty,’ because until recently I also avoided it.

Shopping is a feature of AdWords that gives clients the potential to list their products at the top of Google, alongside related products from competitors. It helps potential buyers to compare your products against others, and make a purchase directly from the Google results page. In my opinion, it is probably one of the most beneficial tools on AdWords, and I cannot wait to get my hands dirty with more complex shopping campaigns.

Pay per click is an area of digital marketing which is continually evolving, allowing me to evolve with it. It’s a position where you need to have faith in your skills, and also have the desire to want to further develop them. Not a day goes by where I don’t learn a new skill, and that is probably what I enjoy most about my job. Not to mention I am surrounded by great colleagues, who all inspire me with their knowledge on so many different facets of the industry.

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