Everything You Need to Know About Search Advertising in 2020

With the New Year comes new thinking about how to best utilise your search advertising opportunities. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the thinking for you!

This is our rundown of everything businesses should be aware of coming into 2020 to make the best of your Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

People Are Impatient

We live in an era of instant gratification. This doesn’t change when it comes to online shopping, as people want to receive their items straight away. Most of us tend to be bad at planning and are often looking online for last-minute purchases. Where possible, capitalise on searches for same-day delivery or other fast delivery options with your ads and keywords.

Users Have High Expectations

Most internet users are already familiar with the popular deals they see from brands and they won’t be fooled by average offers. Because of this, be sure to focus on your strongest points like free express shipping. Feel confident to leave out anything mediocre like free 7-day returns.

“Your ads will perform better when they convey that your offering is useful to the individual searching.”

Ads Need to Be Personal

It’s important to be as specific as you can when it comes to SEA. Your ads will perform better when they convey that your offering is useful to the individual searching. Investing in strong copy really makes a difference when it comes to writing an ad that people actually want to click on.

Phones Know Our Location

We’re all well aware that our phones are keeping tabs on us, so when users are searching online they expect their device to already know their location. This means they might not search using “near me” or their nearest suburb, so keep this in mind when choosing keywords.

Be Smart With Adjustments

Make your automatic bidding more effective by utilising adjustments. For example, try implementing seasonality adjustments so your bidding accounts for better conversion rates during an upcoming sale campaign. Alternatively, switch your bidding strategy to recognise that some conversions are more valuable than others.

Voice Search is Rising

More and more users are searching via voice rather than typing in their search. It’s been predicted that 50% of all searches in 2020 will be voice searches. With this in mind, construct your ads and keywords with language that is spoken and not just typed.

Discovery Ads Are Coming

Google’s Discovery Ads were first announced in 2018 and will hopefully be widely available in 2020. Discovery Ads will help businesses whose offering can be promoted with imagery—such as fashion retailers. They’ll work similarly to Social Advertising, where you target audiences who will see your ad while they browse other things, rather than having your ad triggered by a search.

Discovery Ads will be launching alongside a number of new and improved Google ad types, such as Showcase Shopping and Gallery ads. For a full breakdown of what to expect once they’re available (eventually), check out our Google Discovery Ads blog post.

As a Google Partner, we pride ourselves on being experts in the changing landscape of Google ads and knowing how to best showcase your brand online. Talk to us about equipping your brand for digital advertising with sophisticated search advertising in 2020. 

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