How to Capitalise on Content in 2020 (and Why You Need To)

Content has experienced steady growth in the past year alone, and we predict that it’s going to explode in 2020.

From creative ad copy to a beautifully written landing page, content can leave a powerful impression on your audience.

Your brand can’t afford to get left behind.

Content is Currency

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they don’t need a content writer because they don’t have (or want) a blog on their website.

While we could list a few compelling reasons why a blog could benefit your brand, the main issue with this reasoning is that content is actually so much more than blog posts.

Website copy. Social media ads. Brochures. Product descriptions. All of these common things fall under the wide umbrella of “content”.

This is usually when people make that aforementioned mistake of trying to write all of their content themselves rather than using a professional.

You might think you know your product better than anyone else, and that’s true. But that doesn’t mean you possess the skills required to accurately communicate your brand’s value to your audience.

There’s a reason people pay writers to create content for them.

Writing is a skill. Some people are great at drawing, or with numbers, or building things. Other people are great with words.

“The truth is, content is complex. There’s more to it than correct spelling and grammar.”

If you lacked design skills but needed packaging for your product, would you wing it and try to do it yourself? Or would you hire a designer to do it for you? Chances are, you’d (hopefully) take the second option. Because you know that how you present your product has a huge impact on the likelihood of people buying it.

In other words, that packaging can make your business money— or it could lose you sales.

The same applies to content. Great content can sell a product, whether it’s a product description on an eCommerce website or the copy on a Facebook ad. Content is essential to convey every unique selling point and highlight your point of difference.

It can be the very thing that elevates your product or service from recognisable to unforgettable.

The How

Here’s something you might not know: Most writers spend more time reading and researching than writing.

One of the very first things our content writers do for a new client is a content audit. This means they assess every piece of written content your brand has put out to the world, from your website to your social media accounts. They then do a comprehensive deep-dive to see if everything is looking cohesive and where there’s room for improvements.

This is a crucial step in creating powerful content, and yet it’s something most businesses wouldn’t even consider.

“There’s a reason people pay writers to create content for them.”

Ready to overhaul your content? Luckily for you, doing so is as easy as three simple steps!

Okay, not really.

If only it were easy.

The truth is, content is complex. There’s more to it than correct spelling and grammar.

Clarity, brevity, engaging and compelling copy. All of these elements are equally important. Neglecting just one can have a serious negative impact on both your content and brand image.

In other words, it pays to leave some things to the experts.

An expert content writer won’t just string together some clever-sounding sentences. They’ll take a holistic view of all of your brand’s content and communications and devise a content strategy to take every ad, web page and piece of collateral to the next level.

The key for any content writer working with a brand in the digital space is to create different formats of content that are ready for application across a range of mediums. By doing this your brand will have messaging and themes that can be easily applied to anything from a 500-word blog to a 20-word social post.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our content writing team today and experience the financial benefits of content for yourself.

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