How to Win With LinkedIn in 2021

You might think LinkedIn is just for networking and spying on what your old high school pals have been up to. 

Did you know it’s also a brilliant advertising platform? With a sign-up rate of 3 new members per second, it’s clear that LinkedIn isn’t going anywhere. Boasting 706 million members it’s a massive platform for business potential. In fact, LinkedIn is one of the biggest drivers of B2B content and an incredible tool for lead generation. 

LinkedIn is a bit different from other social media platforms. It’s mostly influencer free, and you’re much less likely to see baby photos — it’s a professional site. This is why it is rated so much higher in trust than other social media platforms. Users rated brand ads as 50% higher quality and 92% more professional than other platforms. 

Want to turn your LinkedIn into a brand powerhouse? Our team of experts have all the best tips and tricks. 

Woman works at desk with figures in the background. You need to work out your plan for using LinkedIn? Do you want to grow organically or used paid advertising?

Work Out Your Game Plan

With twice the buying power of the average digital platform, it’s hard not to see the advantage of using LinkedIn. You just need to work out what you want to gain from the platform. 

Do you want to build your audience or are you actively looking for leads? Do you want organic or social engagement?  


Tips for Organic Strategies 

  • Have an engaging home page for your business. Use your homepage to humanise your brand and create a business that potential customers want to engage with 
  • Post regularly (we recommend a couple of times a week) 
  • Use videos and other dynamic marketing to engage your audience 
  • Use social media best practices e.g include hashtag and mentions when relevant 


Tips for Paid Strategies

  • Use dynamic ads that excite and entice your customers
  • Talk in a professional and direct manner across ad copy and creative. This matches the nature of the platform
  • LinkedIn has powerful targeting tools that can find your key audience. You can target specific company connections to demographics such as age, experience and interests 
  • Ask yourself what is the goal of your paid content? Are you aiming to promote engagement or do you want to convert?
  • Follow social media best practices and regularly check in to see which ads are resonating with your target audience. 

Man reads phone. What has changed on LinkedIn from last time I logged on? We go through the changes.

What Has Changed Since I Last Logged On? 

LinkedIn has changed over the past year. They’re constantly adding new features based on what their users want. Here are a few changes that we have loved:

  • Feature Section: Display your top articles and posts on the front page of your business so clients can quickly gauge your brand
  • LinkedIn Stories and Polls: Just like Instagram, LinkedIn also now has stories and polls. Polls especially make for a great engagement tool
  • They have embraced WFH with a wealth of video support, including the ability to go live
  • You can now download page analytics to learn more about your audience 

LinkedIn isn’t shy about trying out new things. It’s important to keep checking back and seeing what features have been added to make the most out of the platform. If you don’t want to keep checking back then you can always keep up to date with our blog

A man and a woman discuss work at a desk. Keep LinkedIn professional but still be emotive and personable.

Keep it Professional

LinkedIn users are pretty savvy consumers, they can tell when they’re being pitched to. In the world of marketing gurus and media magnates, there’s nothing worse than a LinkedIn faux pas. Remember you’re here to build meaningful connections, not just getting your next sale. 

Don’t go overboard with constant business talk but rather promote a complete brand narrative. Create a presence that customers want to engage with that is friendly and personable. 


General Tips 

  • Don’t stick to one type of content — use blogs, videos and images. Keep checking which posts do well and change your strategy accordingly. 
  • Only post and share engaging content. Don’t simply post because you feel like you have to. Just be consistent. 
  • Do share articles and business that you and your potential clients would enjoy 
  • Be as positive as you can be. Celebrate the wins of your business, or your clients’ businesses
  • Don’t just post and go — engage with your audience by commenting and liking posts. Spark a conversation.
Does your brand want to make the most of LinkedIn with a specialist agency? Chat to the social media masters at Emote today. 


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