“Shut down the ad!” A Very Successful Social Media Advertising Case Study

There are many ways to measure the success of a social media marketing campaign. But when your client sends you an urgent email asking you to hit pause on the campaign because they’re overwhelmed with all the new business they’re getting, you know you’re doing something right.

Read on to see how we helped one of our clients experience unprecedented traffic and leads,  thanks to the power of social media marketing.

The Client

Adam Martin, AKA The No Breakfast Guy, is a health coach who reached out to us to help him market his brand through social advertising. Adam is Australia’s leading fasting coach and operates his business by producing digital products (an eBook) as well as offering group and one-on-one coaching.

Adam’s business relies heavily on social media, particularly Instagram. With intermittent fasting becoming so popular in recent years, he needed a solid strategy to drive the engagement that his expertise and offering deserve..


After receiving many enquiries from people wanting to know their ideal calorie profile, Adam wanted to create an email template he could send out in response. His hope was to not just provide a way to get the necessary information to calculate each person’s calorie needs, but grow his email subscriber list and send out a free copy of his eBook.

We had seen great success with Adam’s social media ad campaigns in the past, so we created a new campaign to entice social media users to fill out the questionnaire and, in turn, grow Adam’s Mailchimp list.

Adam had also reached 5,000 followers on Instagram, so he set a new, ambitious goal of reaching 10,000 by the end of the year.


As this particular offer was likely to drive a lot of awareness and engagement to The No Breakfast Guy’s social accounts and website, we decided to turn off other ads we’d been running for his coaching service and focus the majority of Adam’s resources on this campaign.

The activation of this, absolutely flooded his inbox, with hundred of leads in a matter of hours, and a cost per acquisition of less than $0.50. You can imagine that for a one man operation, this was not sustainable, but presented Adam with a problem that every business owner would love to have.

But it didn’t stop there. Just four days after we’d launched the campaign, we received an email from Adam with the following:


Our campaign had been so successful that Adam had received so many enquiries that both he and his inbox were completely overwhelmed— in the best possible way. We paused the campaign to give Adam some time to process the hundreds of messages he’d received, with a plan to run the ad again when he wasn’t quite so inundated.

In just three months of working with us on his social advertising, Adam has seen:

  • 332% increase in website traffic
  • 112% increase in website leads
  • 48% increase in social advertising leads
  • 183% increase in Instagram followers
  • 278% increase in link clicks

You can find a full breakdown of our work with Adam here.

As for Adam’s Instagram follower goal, we’re pleased to say that The No Breakfast Guy welcomed in 2019 with over 10,000 followers. Next stop: 20,000!

Interested in seeing the explosive potential of social media advertising for your business? Reach out to our social advertising team today and see how we can uncover your brand’s full potential.

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