The basics of remarketing and how you can use it

Remarketing is a great tool to have up your sleeve for getting a website noticed – but what is remarketing and how does it work?

If you shop online you may have noticed certain companies following you around, constantly popping up in the ads on the side of pages you visit.

For instance, imagine you visit a website that sells speakers. You browse around looking at products but leave without making a purchase. Later on you’re reading some articles online and see that very same speaker website in the adverts on the side of the page. You might think this is a coincidence, but then you log into Facebook and see the speakers being advertised in your news feed. This isn’t going to be because that speaker company has a massive marketing budget – it’s a classic case of remarketing.

Integrating with advertising tools such as Google Ads, remarketing works by setting up cookies on a page that anonymously drop into a user’s browser, letting an ad service provider know to deliver that visitor follow up advertisements. These follow up advertisements can then be displayed on different websites and social media platforms.

The way this differs from a traditional banner ad is instead of showing an advert to a person based on a profile – such as age, sex, or interests – the advert is shown based on the fact the user has previously visited a specific website.

Remarketing can be set up in different ways, which adds versatility to suit your needs. You can use remarketing to:

  • Advertise your website to people who have previously visited
  • Target those who are showing interest in specific products
  • Show adverts to customers who have previously bought products from you
  • Display items from an abandoned cart to finalise the sale

The benefit of this is that once somebody has been on your site, you can continue to raise awareness of your brand and the likelihood of converting after they’ve gone. Repeat visitors are much more likely to proceed with a purchase, and recollection of your brand is an invaluable asset.

If you want to discuss setting up remarketing for your website, contact Emote Digital today to discuss how we can help.

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