The Benefits of Integrating Xero into a Woocommerce Website

WooCommerce is a versatile platform for eCommerce businesses. It’s open source, completely customisable and built on WordPress.

One WooCommerce feature we find beneficial for our clients is the quality integrations the platform supports.

Integrating the right software into a website reduces manual work by automating processes and can save on operational costs, allowing a business to grow.

A common integration that is particularly useful for eCommerce operations is with accounting software Xero.

Xero running on an iPad.

Xero is cloud based accounting software that handles all business accounting functions – including bank reconciliation, financial reporting, inventory tracking and payroll. Integrating Xero into WooCommerce allows you to automate the way certain features operate within your website.

The benefits of integrating Xero into a WooCommerce site include:

  • Stock levels update across Xero and WooCommerce
  • New products in WooCommerce automatically transfer to Xero
  • Order invoices are automated
  • Data synchronises between the two platforms instantly
  • No room for human error
  • Automatic transfer of payment data to Xero
  • Secure and encrypted data

With Xero integrated into WooCommerce you can save valuable time and resources by significantly reducing operational costs. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s only the beginning! There are a number of integrations you can make with WooCommerce, including marketing automation, shipping, order processing and more.

If you’re interested in integrating Xero into your eCommerce site, contact Emote Digital today to discuss how we can help. As Australia’s only Gold Tiered WooCommerce partner, we’re expertly positioned to help.

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