What Our Premium Facebook Partner Status Means for You: The Real Benefits

We’ve got some amazing news for our clients: Emote Digital has recently been granted Facebook Premium Partner status. This title has only been granted to a select few agencies across the Asia-Pacific region.

Simply put, it means we can provide the very best service for our clients across social media advertising.

Facebook Premium Status: A Cut Above the Rest

We’ve been taking our social media advertising clients to unprecedented highs as a Facebook Preferred Partner. Now, we’ll be able to take them to a whole new level thanks to our Premium status.

The Facebook Premium title isn’t awarded to just any agency. It’s the highest possible Facebook partnership— a rank given only to agencies who have proven themselves to be at the top of their game when it comes to delivering exceptional results through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

At Emote Digital, we work hard to demonstrate our capacity and ability across all areas of Facebook marketing, as well as managing a notably high level of media spend (averaging $5 million per quarter).

This shows that Emote is the perfect choice when the stakes are high and clients need a trusted partner for their media spend.

As exciting as it may be for us, this new status also carries a ton of benefits for our clients.

What This Means for Our Clients

Here are some of the advantages of partnering with Emote Digital over an agency that doesn’t have Premium status:

  • Agency summits. We’re qualified to host official Facebook events for our clients to show them the plethora of opportunities within the Facebook advertising suite.
  • Marketing science consultations. We can tap into the knowledge and expertise of Facebook’s key marketing science professionals, helping us maximise results for our clients.
  • Measurement bootcamps. Intensive educational sessions that give in-depth training on a product, solution or discipline. These offer a better understanding of how Facebook solutions can help our clients.

We can leverage the exclusive benefits of our Premium status to expand our offering for the benefit of our clients. Here are just some of the ways we’re able to build upon our existing social media advertising expertise as a Premium agency:

  • Agency Success Story. Our work and exceptional results can be used as a benchmark for other agencies and brands all across the world, demonstrating our global ranking as social media advertising specialists.
  • Blueprint training. Our campaign managers now have access to additional training and qualifications to continuously up-skill, building upon our knowledge.

At Emote Digital, we focus on crafting campaigns that aren’t just beautiful, but powerful. This Premium status is a testament to our capabilities.

Now that you’re aware of the unmatched benefits of partnering with a Facebook Premium agency, ask yourself: if you had the choice to partner with a Premium agency and leverage their status for your own benefit, why go with anyone else? And if you are working with another agency, are they a trusted and approved partner of one of the world’s biggest marketing channels? If not, why not?

Reach out today to work with an agency trusted and approved by Facebook to help brands grow and succeed.

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