Why you shouldn’t leave your blog to gather dust

Things are going to get a little meta here as we blog about the benefits of blogging. But hey, if we weren’t doing this ourselves, why would we try and convince you that it’s something you should be doing?

Whether you’re a small business, colossal business, selling a niche product, or still in the launch process, preparing and executing blog content can work wonders.

In this piece we’ll outline the key benefits and put forward the argument as to why you should take that blog section off the ice and put it into action.

Don’t ignore the O in SEO

Contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t a mysterious dark art. Well, okay, it is. But those in the know can work their magic and make progress towards optimisation.

One of the lowest effort and strongest tools at your disposal for increasing visibility is blogging. Fresh content is like a drop of blood in the ocean for the search engine sharks.

To keep your site churning out fresh content; a weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog can be easily managed to keep you on top of things.

Integrating keywords and products into your blog content can also help you drive specific campaigns for your business.

Nurture your image

How you communicate with your customers and peers goes a long way towards defining how people see your business.

Are you coming across how you want to, do people understand exactly what you do, and if you have opinions on your industry, why aren’t you sharing them?

Regardless of the size of your business, you can position yourself as an expert voice in your sector. With regular content you can grow trust in your brand to the point that you are a source of information/opinions that people actively seek.

Establish relationships

Hitting the same nail as the previous point (it’s a good nail), communicating with your audience is invaluable. Blogs can be a fantastic means to show a side to your business that you can’t usually show in other forms of marketing.

You might want to come across as a bit more casual, humorous and personable, which is great for establishing relationships with your readers. The personality of your company can be massaged to click with readers to the point they begin to comment on your blogs and provide feedback on your business.

Engaging with this kind of feedback helps you to build a stronger relationship with existing and new customers and understand what it is they are looking for in the future.

Sharing is caring (but also free advertising)

Creating content that engages with readers, and then making that content easily sharable via social media and email is a fantastic means to grow your visibility and audiences.

Every new piece of content has the chance to be shared, which is obviously a great means of free advertising that reaches audience you may have previously missed in targeted campaigns.

By regularly sharing your own blog posts via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you also make your business’ online presence that much more attractive and entice people to engage with you.

One last thing before you go

Just don’t forget to keep posting! As with most marketing tools, blogging is most effective when it has momentum behind it. One blog every six months isn’t going to cut it, so get motivated and start blogging.

If you need assistance with maintaining your blog, Emote Digital can help you out. Our specialists can do all the higher thinking, writing and publishing to ensure you’re not missing out on this integral area.

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