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Increasing the profile and reach of this state of the art car wash

Washed is a car wash service with a difference. It utilises the most advanced car wash technology in the world while limiting the effects on the environment.

Our mission? Elevate their brand, spotlight their eco-innovations, and drive them into the digital fast lane.

Washed Car Website Highlights on iPhone

The Challenge

Washed looked to us to rev up brand awareness and fuel online leads. Our goals? Boost online conversions, reel in fresh customers, amp up sales in Ivanhoe and Camberwell, and make every ad dollar work harder.

Social Ads

A digital overhaul involves several goals: to increase their online conversions, reach new customers for their business & increase sales in Ivanhoe & Camberwell, and improve return on ad spend.

Google Ads

The primary aim was to get an increase in store visits for both the Camberwell and Ivanhoe locations. The additional goals were to create better brand awareness and to get customers to sign up for a monthly subscription.

The Approach

Social Ads 

In the social media arena, we adopted a multifaceted approach. Market analysis, A/B testing in new areas, and audience insights fuelled our content strategy to boost engagement. By understanding the target audience, we could optimise our creative content to achieve the desired growth via social media platforms.

Google Ads

Our focus was on increasing store visits in Camberwell and Ivanhoe. But we went beyond – building brand recognition and enticing customers into monthly subscriptions, all while experimenting with ad copy and landing pages.

Washed Website's Location Services - Car Wash Facilities
Social Media Advertisement for Washed Car Wash

The Outcomes

The strategic campaigns for the month long campaigns produced some of the most effective results:

Social Ads


Increase in overall number of clicks


Growth in total impressions


Increase in conversions with a decrease in cost per click

Google Ads


Increase in total clicks


Growth in total impressions


Increase in CTR as compared with previous period

Google Marketing Advertisement Services for Washed Car

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