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A journey to audience engagement, with Camec caravan superstore.

Camec works with a number of big name brands and partners to bring their customers the very best caravan and RV appliances, parts and accessories on the market. We’ve worked with them on different promotional campaigns – here we’ll take a look at how the targeted campaigns have helped to structure our target market for caravans in Australia, focusing on their CTR, landing page views and impressions that would drive in potential traffic and increase purchase rate.

The Challenge

With existing campaigns running at less than optimal conversions, our priorities were to quickly refine the campaigns and generate more awareness to the potential market.

As Camec’s competitors began advertising on Google in increasing volume, this started affecting the on-page ad positions. With higher competition for key search phrases, ad placements were becoming far more expensive and providing a poor return on investment. It required some out-of-the-box thinking…

Camec Website Mockup on Deksop View

The Approach

We conducted audits of all existing digital marketing activities and website pages to identify opportunities to drive traffic to the website and increase the conversion rate.

Camec Website Mockup on Mobile View

Google Ads

  • We worked to increase keyword quality scores to improve ad positions by improving the landing page experience. We achieved top position on highly competitive keywords to outrank competitors which increased the conversions.
  • Setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics and Google Ads allowed us to track each click’s performance and measure it against the business goals, specifically purchases and local store traffic. From this data, we are able to extrapolate the ROI and ROAS and make strategic changes to improve both metrics.
  • We also ran a local campaign to target people looking for caravan accessories in the local area. We also focused on high-end keywords that would produce the best ROI.
  • We created specific ad group catering to each product which gave us a leverage over competitors in terms of brand awareness.
  • With Camec having a lot of products, it was important for us to expand their sales channels. We implemented Shopping ads. With an efficient bidding strategy, we were able to rank above our competitors and increase sales.

Social Ads

  • We employed paid social campaigns. The campaign was divided into useful campaigns that catered to groups where purchase parity is higher. Different test campaigns and combined interest campaigns were being launched focusing on different lifestyles and interest groups.
  • We made sure the CTR was high, and we optimised the audience of the targeting campaigns to increase website views and generate more traffic to find the niche – and through remarketing and LAL increase conversion rate and ROAS.

The Outcomes

Google Ads


Click-through rate, improved by creating product-specific ads.This helped us target the right audience and reduced cost per click.


per conversion Reduced by tailoring keywords based on products, competitor bidding and audience analysis.


ROAS for a period of 20 months. Revenue of $207k directly from a $32k advertising investment.

Camec Search Engine Advertising
Camec Social Media Advertising

Social Ads

Feb 2021 – Oct 2022

$0.23 CPC

A low average CPC enabled us to allocate more clicks for the amount spent, resulting in more potential leads. Additionally, it guaranteed a significant return on investment (ROI).

9.89% CTR

Increased average product catalogue campaign CTR.

3.81% CTR

We maintained a higher average CTR over the time period. We focused on keeping higher CTR as it is an incredible indicator that acknowledges us that users are finding our ads and listings helpful and relevant.


Impressions captured over the period, with over 85K landing page views, and 138K post engagements.

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