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Exploring the power of Google Ads with an Aussie adventure icon

Titanium Caravans are market leaders in building premium off-road caravans. Striking the perfect balance between capability and functionality, their range of rugged, Australian-made vans have everything you need to tackle the harsh Aussie outback. We teamed up to let local adventurers know about these high quality vans, boosting brand awareness and driving sales.



The Challenge

Google Ads

One of the greatest challenges with any Google Ads campaign is to generate a high quality (warm) lead, whilst maintaining a low cost per conversion. Especially in the caravan industry – Aussies love their caravans! – where quality competitors have large marketing budgets, it posed a significant challenge to increase brand awareness whilst maintaining great ROI and value for money.

The Approach

Google Ads

For the Titanium Caravans campaign, we took a multifaceted approach:

  • Created a strategically structured ad group inside campaigns, with highly relevant keywords to improve ad relevancy, quality score and rank above competitors.
  • We performed a deep dive analysis on the keywords and used keywords with high search volume.
  • Thoughtful, clever bidding strategies that took Titanium Caravans to the top of the search page, whilst remaining economical with budget.
  • Increased bids on ad extensions, and continued watchful monitoring of all campaigns to make regular adjustments as opportunities presented.
  • We re-engaged with customers who took action on the website but left the journey midway by using a brand recall strategy to keep the brand front-of-mind and encourage the user to come back to the site and continue their journey.
Titanium Caravans Search Engine Advertising

The Outcomes

During the Google Ads campaign period of three months, Titanium Caravans experienced impressive results and great return on investment:


Increase in Conversion Rate






Increase in website traffic

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