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Vocam has evolved their workplace training videos from VHS to DVD to online. So they needed a website to match their forward progress and promote their free trial offer, with the end goal being increased user sign-up.

The challenge was to create a distinction between how they are known in the industry—as Vocam, and the product they sell—BTTV (Business Training Television). The solution was creating a multisite running off the same codebase. Vocam as an information site and BTTV as a site to showcase the platform.


We integrated all the contact forms on each site with their Zoho CRM, so all lead data is captured with relevant source information. This helps Vocam better manage who is interested in their videos and which industry they’re in.

Landing Pages

We designed landing pages that are dedicated to specific industries. Like sorting into genres at the video store, this keeps the relevant information in the right place. We knew that human resource managers would be interested in different modules to the mining sector, so our sophisticated suite of landing pages highlight features that target each industry.

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