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Global fairground sensation House of Mirrors was set to appear at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

This mirror maze of optical illusions needed a strong marketing campaign not only to publicise the attraction itself, but draw visitors to the entire festival. We launched a social media marketing campaign to spread the word.

Social Advertising

Social media was the ideal platform to build both awareness and engagement.

The campaign received hundreds of thousands of engagements for House of Mirrors, generating massive publicity for the entire Adelaide Fringe Festival. This led to thousands of ticket sales at an incredibly low cost per conversion.

38x ROI

entire event campaign


cost per conversion

House of Mirrors Instagram Advertising

Ad Targeting

We were able to target niche audiences through both Facebook ads and Instagram posts and Stories. These visual mediums were ideal for showcasing the distorted allure of House of Mirrors.

House of Mirrors Facebook Advertising

The Outcome

Our marketing campaign led to thousands of ticket sales and generated amazing media exposure, with Eventalaide stating, “House of Mirrors is a must do at the Fringe”. Suffice to say House of Mirrors became one of the most highly acclaimed attractions of the festival and maintained its status as a global phenomenon.


total impressions


post engagements

House of Mirrors News on Magazine

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