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Big gains for a daring fitness studio

A six-star fitness studio offering a deeply considered and tailored approach to one-on-one training, Dare reaches beyond most gyms and PT models. 

Our team were motivated by their vision and the positive difference they were making to people’s lives – whether recovering from chronic illness or striving to achieve professional fitness goals. After building a daring new brand, we set to work to spread the good word about this revolutionary new studio.

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The Challenge

Social Ads

The challenge for any new brand starting from scratch is to build a social media presence, define a style, and start to inspire a dedicated following. The plan was to create a social media style that the Dare team could follow and use to boost website traffic and brand recognition. We added a form to social media in order to generate leads and help build a customer base.

Google Ads

In the case of a luxury gym, our goal was to hit the right demographics and the right target market. At the same time, we needed to achieve qualified leads with a minimum cost per conversion.

The Approach

Social Ads

Our expert digital marketing team made use of sponsored social media advertising, which was thoughtfully divided into workable initiatives that catered to various target demographics and interest areas. With substantial refining, Dare was capable of boosting conversion rates while also lowering cost per conversion and increasing clickthrough rates.


Google Ads

Our main objective here was to get qualified leads using very specific search terms.
We used all our tricks to find a mix of broad generic keywords and long-tail keywords to create a balanced data set. We managed to place Dare on top of search engine results with a balanced bidding strategy, generating qualified leads whilst not exhausting the budget.
We also created re-targeting display ads to boost brand awareness and remind interested, warm leads to continue exploring the website.



We created SEO landing pages and optimised website pages to dominate the local competition. The page ranked on the first page of Google with a search volume of 3000 for 2 keywords. It was a successful outcome which helped generate traffic and overall credibility.


Organic Traffic


Increase Impressions


New Keywords

Dare Training Studio instagram ads carousel
Dare Training Studio social media advertising preview

The Outcomes

During campaign period November 2022 to Feb 2023 we saw the following results:


Social Ads

99 conversions from leads.

Lower CPC to $1.09: Improved account management and optimisation drastically reduced the cost per click. With a lower average cost per click of $1.09, more potential leads can be generated for the same budget.

288k Impressions: By increasing post interaction and generating more than 288k impressions over the time frame, we were able to reach out to more audiences and raise awareness.


Google Ads

CTR: 2.40%

Growth Rate: 19.7%

Cost per Click: $1.70

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