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Rise and Shine With A Bakers Delight Franchise

Bakers Delight Franchising is all about giving everyday people the chance to own a slice of an iconic Aussie brand.

Bakers Delight wanted to attract new franchise owners across Australia and New Zealand with digital campaigns. This meant that we had to target high-quality segments of the market in order to drive the expansion of this national brand.

Bakers Delight Exposure on Media Through AdRoll

The Challenge

Getting the Mix Just Right
Owning a franchise requires a specific type of person. We identified an ideal persona focusing on three key targeting segments. This included young, affluent families, business owners looking for opportunities and middle class and high-income earners. 

We diversified our messaging across these three different segments to tell the story of owning a Bakers Delight franchise in a way that suited each one. 

This required us to condense a lot of information into an accessible form — which can be tricky in a digital format. Luckily, we were up for the challenge.

The Approach

Our Bread and Butter
We knew we needed a wide-reaching campaign to find the right leads to grow Bakers Delight. Leveraging a range of advertising channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Taboola and AdRoll we created an expansive collection of creative and design output. 

The campaign duration ran over 12 months, which included constant copy and creative refreshes for the various stages of the user journey. 

To drive top of funnel traffic we harnessed the power of LinkedIn, Google and Taboola before engaging in further retargeting with AdRoll, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

LinkedIn proved to be perfect for targeting demographics based on job title and seniority. This was crucial for reaching potential and current business owners. Taboola was used to reach higher affluence families and also gave great exposure to the Bakers blog content. We used Google to show ads to people searching for terms related to franchise ownership. This multifaceted approach let us find the real winners, and hone in on them.

AdRoll, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram allowed us to serve conversion-focused ads to users who had already shown interest. 

This range of touchpoints and extended customer journey allowed us to create a detailed story about franchise ownership, ultimately providing the high quality leads that Bakers Delight needed.

Bakers Delight Social Media Advertising
Bakers Delight Social Media and Search Engine Advertising

The Outcome

The results were a digital strategy that was both in-depth and flexible. By employing a wide range of both top and bottom of the funnel tactics to grow the quality of leads, we helped Bakers Delight to expand their franchise network, with: 

  • A 35.9% increase in site traffic over 12 months
  • A 29% increase in franchise enquiries over 12 months
  • A 170% increase in conversions from Google Ads
  • A 45% increase in conversions from social

This means we’ve since set even more lofty goals for Emote to hit in order to keep this iconic Aussie brand growing!

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