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Empowering APNA to make an impact in primary healthcare

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) is the peak body and member association for all nurses working outside of hospitals. They are bold, vibrant and future-focused. Reflecting the views of their members and the broader profession. We helped them to portray this vision while driving conversions and traffic to the website.

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The Challenge

Our challenge was to generate quality leads and renew existing memberships through Social Media Advertising and Google Ads while improving cost per conversions.

The Approach

Social Ads

Our goal was to increase website traffic and produce potential leads through completed registrations and link clicks. We carefully considered and tested the target market before successfully launching ads with a focus on customer list, comprehensive, and retargeting tracking.

Google Ads

We started Google Search campaigns across multiple strategic keywords. We created powerful ad copy and utilised Google Search Ads audience selection and extensions to create targeted ads that resonated with the audience. We continuously analysed results to improve the lead quality via negative keywords and copy optimisations.

We created display campaigns for every campaign. Focusing heavily on remarketing, we focused on leads who left the journey mid way, to get them to complete the intended conversion.

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The Outcomes

Throughout our time working with APNA on their ongoing campaigns we have improved the following KPIs:

Social AdsĀ 

Our ads generated 3.74M impressions resulting in 114k engagements across the ongoing campaigns.

Facebook ads generated over 60K link clicks driving visitors to the website.
We also generated 12k landing page visits. Through these campaigns we generated a CTR of 2%.

Using website-linked form submission campaigns we successfully generated 642 registrations, reinforcing that the messaging was getting to the right target audience.

Google Ads

Through the ongoing campaigns, we generated 7.3k clicks with a cost per click as low as $0.47 per click.

We have successfully maintained an average CTR of 5.49% across the ongoing campaigns.

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