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Content writing is one of the most simple (words!) and effective (that sell!) tools in your marketing toolkit.

Our content writing service builds, plans, polishes and delivers copywriting for anything your brand touches. Website, social media, brochures, emails, ads, landing pages, blog posts, the list goes on. 

So why wouldn’t you already be tapping into the vast power of content writing? Perhaps you need proof that it betters your brand, ultimately bringing in more customers and revenue. You’re a business, after all. Fair enough. Here’s the proof. 

Taglines for Suzuki

Suzuki Motorcycles engaged us for their advertising as they wanted to add some creative flair to their print and digital advertising. 

This meant adding taglines that would not distract from the epic motorcycles being displayed, but would complement the image and set them apart from other motorcycle brands. We first had to understand the key features and target audience for each bike before uncovering the angle we’d go for.

Our copywriters and designers work closely to collaborate on concepts. It’s this harmony of clever copy and sleek design that allows an idea shine (as well as trust from the client). Work with an agency whose team is well-versed in collaboration so your ads can go from mundane to magic.

Suzuki Hayabusa Ad Preview

SEO, Blogs and Brand Voice for salt&pepper

salt&pepper came to us with their new brand mission to add heart and a bit of quirky to all of their messaging, while also wanting to have a major focus on the SEO of their website.  

Our content writing service meant we were able to increase keyword density, optimise for SEO and use anecdotes to embody their new charming brand voice.

Many businesses are keen to improve their SEO and overall digital presence just like salt&pepper. These are the actions we recommended implementing, from which we’ve seen awesome success. 

  • Establishing content pillars
  • Writing 2 x blog posts monthly 
  • Producing product page SEO content
  • Rewriting the About page
  • Product descriptions


Blog posts are an awesome way to get lots of content utilising your brand voice. The more words you have on your website the more your audiences are able to understand your brand. Plus, blog posts are great for SEO. It’s an opportunity to hit target keywords, long-tail keywords and links.

Between blog posts, SEO on-page content writing and delivering hundreds of SKUs of product descriptions, salt&pepper have revolutionised their digital presence by ranking higher, getting more organic traffic and relating to their audience more. Sound like something you want your online store to achieve? You need content writing. 

salt&pepper Copywriting Preview on Phone

NC Fitness Content Pillars

A majorly important aspect of content is the creation of content pillars. 

These help your business plan ahead and provide fuel for your content engine. Rather than constantly brainstorming and struggling to think of new concepts, we help you to group content pools so you always have something to dip into and sustain your content channels. That’s what we did for NC Fitness. 

We wrote blogs twice monthly for them under the content pillars of fitness, gym equipment and healthy eating. These blog posts also tied into their organic social calendar content. Content pillars work well because every category can benefit from cross-platform sharing of content you already created. 

Because we understood NC Fitness’ gym-obsessed audience and what they like to see, we were able to create organic social content pillars including: user-generated content from anyone using their equipment, memes, motivation and information.

This created a healthy range of content to keep the feed diverse and appealing while also encouraging interaction from users to forge a community (and having a bit of fun with the captions). 

What is Foam Rolling Article Preview on Phone

New Website for Newline

Newline were an exciting content client for us because they already had a successful existing business that we knew would benefit from a creative polish. They have longevity, trust from their customers, and lots of USPs such as being family owned, Aussie made, fully customised and in line with their values of empowerment and creativity. 

The only thing Newline didn’t already have was a fresh and entertaining way of communicating all of this.

We first delivered a Brand Story to hone in on who they are as a brand and develop their clever and creative tone of voice. This then informed the messaging on their website from headlines to the About Us page, down to the newsletter sign-up CTA. 

When a client engages us for a website, it’s up to them whether they supply the content or engage our copywriters. If we’re able to deliver content writing from the get-go, our copywriters will collaborate with our designers so that the words and the copy work perfectly together. 

We can help distill your USPs into messages that are quick to understand and engaging to read. This helps your customers stay on the site for longer and ultimately results in more traffic and revenue. Resonate with your audience and shape the customer journey with content writing.

Newline Content Writing Preview on Phone

Brand Voice for Otopia Wellness

Otopia engaged us to decipher their key messages and give life to their copy.

You might have the most amazing brand in the world, but unless you can communicate that in a way that’s interesting for your audience, no one will ever know! 

We worked with Otopia to first understand their brand mission — to empower healthy, sexy women. This meant that their key messages needed to showcase their mission and find the people it would resonate with. The way to do it? Implement a tone of voice and language that’s playful, positive and just a little bit cheeky. 

We took an important message and conveyed it in a fun way that their audience enjoys reading. Every little bit of copy from Otopia has a bit of sass, which elevates them to a recognisable brand and builds loyalty from their customer base. 

Nailing these key messages meant our copywriters could roll out enticing copy across their web pages, blog posts and social ads. We’ve built on this brand personality across many different streams, which is always the ultimate goal. 

When you lay steady foundations it makes it so much easier to build an empire. 

What the heck are lectins Article Preview on Phone

Less is More for PUMA

Good copy also means knowing when less is more. This is why we test, interpret data and adjust accordingly. 

For our client PUMA we realised that our social ads perform better with less copy. By making use of the right emojis to grab attention and channeling PUMA’s enthusiastic tone of voice without overwhelming the audience with details, we hit the sweet spot. 

It seems what their audience really cares about is what do the sneakers look like? Whose collab is it? If I get them will I be cool? Are the emojis relevant and not cheugy? (If you don’t know what cheugy is, that’s another reason to leave the captions to the experts). 

We’re not precious. Our copywriters aren’t trying to squeeze a manifesto into every caption and we know when to pull a punch. That’s the benefit of professional copywriters working in a team. Less copy also does not equal easier copy — in fact it’s often harder to convey the same message in fewer words.

Puma Ad Copy Display on Facebook

Success by Numbers

PUMA has seen awesome results from our ad copy because it encourages the journey from stopping the scroll, to adding to cart, to checking out. Through powerful campaigns, we were able to achieve an average of 13x ROI from paid social with revenue up an unbelievable 800%.

The same goes for the email campaigns we have written for PUMA. We carefully create content that gets the reader to open the email, understand the offer and take action. 


Increase in revenue from email over a 3 month period, compared to the previous 3 months


Average open rate, 3% higher than the industry average thanks to a clickable subject line


Average click-through rate, 0.7% higher than the industry average

Puma Shoes Ad Copy Display on Facebook

And there you have it. Real-world proof of how content totally transforms your business. Our team of in-house copywriters know how to write content that people actually want to read, use best practice for SEO, resonate with your audience and position you as an industry leader. 

Content is currency. It’s how you convince people to spend money with you. If that’s what your goal is, talk to our content writing specialists today. 

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