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Thermoskin offers innovative compression braces, supports, & heat therapy solutions for sports injuries, arthritis, & repetitive strain injuries. They wanted to increase brand awareness, create a following and position themselves as the go to brand in their field.



The Challenge

Our challenge was to increase brand awareness and brand consideration while reaching a targeted audience of families with an active lifestyle. We also wanted to increase foot traffic to stockists and compete against established competitors.

mockup of google ads

The Approach

Google Ads

For the innovative Thermoskin campaigns we took a dynamic approach:

  • We used affinity segments to reach the right audience.
  • Created strategically structured ad groups inside campaigns, with highly relevant keywords to bring in quality leads and rank above competitors.
  • We used a multi funnel strategy using Google Search Network and Google Display Network to improve CTR.

The Approach

Social Ads

Through super sharp audience targeting and remarketing, we aimed to increase the new user rate and drive more traffic to the website. With brand awareness as the main campaign objective, we aimed to increase the impressions and generate a higher CTR, resulting in higher page engagement and improved landing page views. 

social media ads mockup
instagram ad preview

The Outcomes

Google Ads


We generated a total of 9.71m impressions for the campaign over search.


Local Campaign for Thermoksin led to 29k clicks on the direction button.

The Outcomes

Social Ads

Organic Growth

Over the period of promotion, we saw an increase in organic followers, indicating effective targeting and producing high conversion rates. The brand also saw improved post interactions with an increased organic likes, post shares and comments. 

Campaign Traction

We generated high traction through remarketing campaigns indicating high customer retention. Through this we could see that Facebook has more visibility and engagement than Instagram. Facebook traction stood at 88.31% and Instagram 10.38%.


The brand has successfully acquired 3.4m impressions across the campaign.

Website Traffic

There was an increase in website traffic through a 45.18% increase of new users.

ad preview on instagram

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