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Stealing the Spotlight for Steel Windows Design

Steel Window Design use Australian steel to design and manufacture stunning, modern steel windows and doors for all sectors of the building and construction market. We teamed up to increase their engagement and traffic, with a focus on improving conversion.



The Challenge

Google Ads

In the initial stages of work, the brand was seeking to increase brand awareness around Melbourne, but quickly turned its attention to expanding footholds in Sydney.
Our biggest challenge was to generate quality leads with a low cost per conversion.


In the online world, the brand only ranked for Melbourne-based search. We faced a significant challenge to establish their online presence in Sydney, where competition was high. The team set out to increase organic growth and lead generation in Sydney as a priority.

Social Ads

Steel Windows Design wanted to use their social platforms to increase traffic to the website, as well as increase brand awareness. We also sought to introduce a form to social media, to help create a customer base.

The Approach

Google Ads

The approach was multifaceted:

  • Through a series of highly targeted remarketing campaigns, we were able to re-engage with website visitors on a granular level, ensuring that our ads were specifically relevant. This approach allowed us to offer the right product or service, at the right time.
  • Creation of strategically structured ad groups inside campaigns, with highly relevant keywords to bring in quality leads and rank above competitors.
  • Increased bids on call extensions, and continued to carefully monitor all campaigns to make regular adjustments as opportunities presented.
  • We also targeted audiences through a multi funnel strategy using Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Once Melbourne reached a conversion rate of 6.66%, we expanded the campaigns to include Sydney.
  • Created two new dedicated pages for Sydney content.
  • Effective approach to design/layout and optimised content for SEO after thorough keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • Optimise the page for SEO (add in meta title, description, resize images for speed and add in alt text).
Social Ads
  • We used paid social media advertising, carefully broken down into practical efforts that appealed to different groups. 
  • By significant optimisation that helped in raising the conversion rate and reducing the cost per conversion, we enabled a low cost per click.
Steel Window Design website design mockup
Steel Window Design social media advertising

The Outcomes

Google Ads
  • Increase online visibility in search rankings.
  • Increase search engine impressions for hyper-targeted, profitable keywords.
  • Increase qualified traffic with a cost per conversion of $25.49 per conversion.
  • Increase the number of website conversions per day.
  • Increased form submissions, phone clicks, email clicks with a conversion rate of 5.25% over a period of 2 years.
  • 33 Keywords ranked with an organic traffic of ~100 visitors per month
  • Keywords ranking as high as position 1
  • Dominating the competition in the category.
Social Ads

July, 2022 – Ongoing 

We improved on the following KPIs:

  • Form submission: 41 conversions on average each month. 
  • CPC: Lowered the cost per click significantly by using better account management and optimisation. Average cost per click lowered to $0.79 which allows to generate more potential leads at a given budget.
  • Impressions: We managed to increase the post engagement, with more than 326k impressions in the period, thus reaching out to a wider range of audiences to increase awareness.
Steel Window Design Instagram post

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