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Brown Brothers have been a family-owned wine company for 130 years. Now they’ve evolved to become a family of brands.

Brown Family Wine Group needed a way to introduce a recently-acquired boutique wine brand in a way that would be well-received by their established customer base.


The Challenge

As Brown Brothers expanded to include more wine brands under their company umbrella, they needed a way to showcase these new additions without losing their established presence.

  • Customers needed to be able to purchase across all Brown Brothers brands
  • Both staff and customers required different memberships across sites 
  • Without inventory syncing there would be issues with stock levels and customer satisfaction 
  • We needed to solved for complexities around ordering products, such as requiring a minimum number of bottles for purchase
  • The client wanted to also manage and update content which meant there needed to be flexibility in the CMS



Brown Brothers Website Showcase on Phone
Product Hover View on Phone

The Approach

We developed a strategy to overhaul their website and online store to transform the purchasing journey. 

  • We improved the site’s easy purchasing for a seamless and enjoyable user experience
  • Automatic inventory sync meant that all stock levels would be aligned automatically, taking the hassle out of inventory and guaranteeing a positive customer experience 
  • Delivering consistent branding and appealing visual design throughout the site to elevate the brand as a whole and help the consumer understand the relationship between Brown Brothers and their additional brands
  • By implementing a multisite build we brought all of the sites under a single CMS for easier management


new website design
ecommerce website UX

The Outcomes

Part of a Whole
A suite of sites working together as one. We created a unified multisite that runs all four brand sites off the same core. This not only allowed different brands to be cross-sold across each website, but allowed for a unified shopping experience that maintains each brand’s unique character.

Order Rules
We set the purchase rules, minus the usual customer frustration. Shoppers can see a live countdown tool that helps them to fill their 6 bottle minimum order before proceeding to checkout. Exceptions to the rule can be implemented for specialty products, making this system effortlessly customisable. This addresses a common issue with online stores and ordering rules, creating a positive user experience.

In two years:



increase in overall traffic


increase in eCommerce conversion rate


increase in revenue

Shopping Bag Summary Page View on Phone

The Outcomes Cont.

Keeping Track of Stock
Stock control over multiple sites with one centralised database. The stock master acts as a direct point of communication for all four sites. Stock levels and product information can be managed from one spot, allowing for instantaneous updates across every site.

Purchase Across Brands
Allowing brands to be cross-sold across all Brown Brothers sites means products are available from more than one online location.

Modular Design
Built to allow custom pages to be created from a collection of pre-designed modules. Each Brown Brothers website is based on the same template, but fully customised for each individual brand.

Wine eCommerce Website Transformation Stock Configuration

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