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An Australian-first women’s health initiative


The Evoca network is the first of its kind – a national group of women’s health GP clinics in all major states around Australia. The wonderful team at Evoca have handpicked GPs across Australia who are skilled in offering individualised and evidence-based care in all areas of women’s health from contraception, endometriosis, fertility and pregnancy to menopause and everything in between. The new initiative required a warm and welcoming website to help spread the word and direct patients to an Evoca network clinic near them.

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The Challenge

The big challenge was to make women’s healthcare more accessible, and provide a safe space for women to discuss their health problems. Evoca wanted to empower women through education, helping them take control of their own health. 

The functions of the website also included connecting women with GPs near them via a ‘find a centre’ function, and build trust in the new brand through demonstrating the scale of the Evoca network, experience of the GPs and practitioners, and ease of accessibility. A key challenge was also lead generation, for new patients as well as GP recruitment to join the Evoca network.

The Approach

Our UX designers created a thoughtful user journey using interactive wireframes. Once the journey was refined, we developed designs – along with hand-drawn services icons – that felt organic, warm and approachable to women aged 17- 45. To add to the feeling of warmth and smoothness, our front-end developers used subtle movements and gentle transitions to nurture the user in their journey.

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The Outcome

The final result is an Australian-first women’s health hub, where women (any individual that identifies as female, gender-fluid, trans, and all individuals with female anatomy) across the country can come to easily access health information, and book directly with a specialist women’s health GP near them. With solid infrastructure now established, the Evoca network is growing everyday, helping more women access specialist medical care.

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