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Our relationship with Carbitool started with Sutton Tools, their umbrella company.

We’d built a large eCommerce site for Sutton Tools and as we’d built that trust, we were tasked with marketing their sub brand, Carbitool. 

Our main goal has been to make Carbitool more discoverable over the last two years. How? By managing their SEO, Google Ads and blog content.

Carbitool needed an agency that was going to be able to develop their brand presence in an extremely competitive market — woodworking tools. They needed a partner who knows how to cut through the noise. 

Considering the sheer volume of Carbitool’s products and how specific their purposes are, we needed to ensure each SKU was perfectly optimised for SEO and properly promoted for Google Ads.

In conjunction with these specifics, they also needed wider industry themes covered through blog posts to enrich the content of their site, boost organic traffic and support the SEO progress.

Carbitool website design mockup


Our approach to content was to add rich blog posts to the website regularly. We covered popular topics and questions in the industry to drive new traffic to the site. 

A blog is an excellent tool for answering FAQs, boosting keyword density and increasing indexed pages. We ensured the content was rich in keywords and meta-data while still being interesting to read. 

Google Ads

We’ve been managing Carbitool’s Google Ads since their eCommerce site went live in July 2019 and has been their primary form of digital advertising since then.

Carbitool is a great example of how results generally improve with time. Revenue (both on the site overall and from Google Ads) has grown steadily since the eCommerce site went live.

Why? Because time gives you:
– More data to optimise against
– Greater opportunity to generate brand awareness
– The benefit of repeat customers

Our approach was to generate eCommerce sales of router bits. A low cost per click was important because router bits can be cheap (for example, a conversion might only bring in $30) and Carbitool didn’t have an established eCommerce client base, which meant the conversion rate would pose a challenge. That’s why Smart Shopping, which generally has a very strong cost per click, has been a major focus for our approach to combat this challenge.

We adjusted the overall Google Ads budget regularly to continually optimise and implement knowledge from data.

Carbitool Search Engine Advertising preview
Carbitool Search Engine Result Page


Our SEO approach has played a major part in Carbitool’s success. We optimised all of the product categories as well as specific product pages to hit keywords and rank highly. 

This, combined with regularly updated blog content was the backbone of our SEO strategy. Each piece of content uploaded to the site was written with search volume in mind and the aim to increase traffic over time.

The Outcomes


increase in new users to blog pages (over an 18 month period)


increase in organic traffic (over a 12 month period)


increase in Google Ads ROAS and 71% increase in revenue (over a 12 month period)

Carbitool homepage design mockup

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