6 Organic Socials Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Organic in name but certainly not organic in planning. An organic social media plan must be thoroughly strategised to be effective in the long run for a business to truly get the most bang for their buck. As much as we’d like to say it’s something simple and easy to achieve, it simply is not the case. 

In fact, we’ve identified 6 common mistakes that many businesses make when it comes to managing their social channels. Plus, we’ll provide you with some solutions and ways in which you can reach your full potential.

plant growing1. Not Engaging With Your Audience

A captivated audience is a receptive audience. Remember, people like seeing the human side of businesses on social media. It can create an incredible connection that cements a relationship, a loyalty that has the potential to last for years to come.

Interacting with comments, tags and other people’s posts helps with building trust and ultimately, engagement. Keep interactions positive but still genuine. Nobody likes a smarmy company. 

people watching computer2. Treating All Social Media Platforms The Same

While they may seem similar, no two social media platforms were created equal. Each social media platform works in their own way with their own quirks. For example, using longer captions may work on Facebook but not on a more visual platform like Instagram. 

It’s also not the best look when you can tell a company reuses content, without optimising it for each channel. You must tailor and optimise things like image dimensions, hashtags, and posting times differently for each platform to see better engagement. Trust us, when you put in the effort to individualise, then you will see significant results. 

3. Prioritising Quantity Over Quality

Consistency is key when it comes to promoting your business. It’s good to get content out for increased exposure. But, when you’re posting more than 5 times a day to Facebook, you could fatigue your audience with too much activity.

Social media users will unfollow when they find an account to be annoying due to too much activity or being too pushy with promotional content. Focus on getting quality engaging content that aligns with your brand rather than a higher quantity of posts. 

quality wins4. Not Tracking Analytics

A wealth of knowledge and data in the form of analytics is at your fingertips. Analytics is such a great tool for social media planning for businesses. Tracking performance can help with identifying pitfalls in your current social media strategy and help you make changes to improve.

Learnings from your approach will help you to constantly improve. Previous data should drive when you post, what you post, and where you post.

data pen sheet5. Using Low Quality Visuals

Social media at its very core is all about visual content. Low quality visuals can ruin the first impressions of your brand. If the quality of the visuals is poor, it’s better to not post it than to compromise brand perception. 

Instead, invest in getting high quality, immersive visuals to make the most out of the platform. Be honest, when was the last time you looked at a business’s website or social media channels, saw a low-res photo and thought “I want to do business with them!”.  

6. Posting Irrelevant Images As Filler Content

Stock images are great when they work with the brand identity and relay interesting information that are relevant to your company. Similar to overposting, posting content irrelevant to your socials can hurt your brand perception.

It’s important to recognise the difference between posting content to your personal social media accounts and a brand’s account. Make sure your content is connected to your brand. We have absolutely no doubt that your pet cat is adorable, but it may not speak to the needs of your clientele. 

In saying that, it may be right up their alley. But, if you’re not certain what specifically you need to do for your business or brand, then allow our dedicated team of industry professionals to assist you in managing your organic social media output.

Contact us today to get the best results for your business.

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