Different Analytics Tools and How They Compare

How many analytics tools can you name? Unless you work with analytics every day (like we do), you might only be able to name a handful— or maybe just one.

There are countless analytics tools you can utilise. Some are better than others, and some can’t be compared because they serve entirely different functions. Check out some of our favourites and what they do:

Google Analytics

What Is It?

Google Analytics is by far the most well-known analytics tool, and for good reason. It offers a massive variety of data and can be integrated with many apps and Google products, such as Google Ads and Search Console. Plus, the base version is completely free.

  • Multiple data collection options across digital platforms and devices
  • Remarketing integrations
  • Advanced, real-time reporting
  • Custom property dimensions and metrics
  • Detailed audience behaviour insights
  • Data organisation and management
  • Analytics intelligence

If you’re a large scale business looking for more out of Google Analytics, you can look at their enterprise level tool, Google Analytics 360.


What Is It?

Specifically designed to automate customer engagement, Kissmetrics shows insights on customer behaviour. This data can then be responded to using the platform’s automated email campaigns, combining analytics with action.

  • Audience profiles and insights
  • Customer behaviour insights
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Automated email campaign builder
  • Conversion and user journey data


What Is It?

Supermetrics is integrated with a huge variety of other analytics, marketing, and social media platforms to collate data in one central point. Everything is automated to create customisable reports fast.

  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Ads, Sheets, and Data Studio
  • Integrations with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Customisable visual elements
  • Retrieve data from multiple sources at once
  • Reporting templates

Google Data Studio

What Is It?

When conveying information, the design is just as important as the content. This is where reporting comes in. Google Data Studio is where you can take all the valuable data you’ve collected and present it in an intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing report.

  • Integration with a variety of data sources
  • Customisable charts with many visual elements and themes
  • Interactive reports
  • Team sharing and collaboration

Call Dynamics

What Is It?

You track the traffic to your website, social media, and ads. But what about your phone? This is exactly why Call Dynamics exists. Call tracking tools like this allow you to bridge the gap between web and phone, and ultimately improve the way you respond to customers.

  • Real-time call reporting
  • Phone call recording
  • Data on the source of phone leads
  • Pre- and post-phone call engagement and conversion measuring
  • Keyword logging
  • A/B split testing
  • Google Analytics and Adwords integration

Google Analytics 360

What Is It?

It’s basically Google Analytics, but better. Google Analytics 360 is more suited to larger businesses who want more detailed insights. A paid product, it’s a great tool to get tangible data on consumer behaviour that you can use to grow your brand.

  • Increased max views per property
  • Advanced funnel reporting
  • Advanced attribution modelling
  • Advanced analysis
  • Unlimited data
  • Cross-property roll-up reporting
  • Unsampled reporting
  • Display & Video 360 remarketing
  • Salesforce and Google BigQuery integration
  • Google network support

Adobe Analytics

What Is It?

Is there anything Adobe can’t do? They offer a range of analytics tools, including web, marketing, and predictive analytics, as well as attribution. These tools allow you to monitor web traffics, campaigns, customer impact and more.

  • Interactive dashboards
  • AI and machine learning
  • Wide range of data collection channels
  • Prediction capabilities
  • Offline data integration
  • Integration with other Adobe products, such as Campaign Manager and Audience manager
Want to know which tools are right for your business? Ask our analytics experts. We can help find the right tools to track, measure and convert your data, no matter where it’s coming from.

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