Automate Marketing on Your WooCommerce Website with AutomateWoo

We’ve previously looked at the benefits of integrating Xero into a WooCommerce website, and how the versatile platform is perfectly suited for integrations that save your business time and money.

A form of integration that can be extremely beneficial on a WooCommerce site is marketing automation, allowing you to set up features such as email promotions and abandoned cart follow-ups seamlessly.

One such integration is the aptly titled AutomateWoo. This marketing automation platform can easily be worked into your WooCommerce website, and provides the tools to grow your store – helping you make you more money with little effort.

AutomateWoo in action. 

Features of AutomateWoo include:

  • Automation of follow up emails – allowing you to request reviews from customers or suggest similar products
  • Abandoned cart emails – you can read more about how effective this is here
  • Personalised coupons to increase purchase rates
  • SMS notifications based on a large range of triggers
  • Automated subscription management with renewal reminders, status changes and any relevant promotions
  • Incentives for customers to leave product reviews
  • Boosted word of mouth through the friend referral add-on
  • Ability for customers to create wishlists

Automating and integrating these marketing processes can help you with increasing conversion rates, save you time and reduce operational costs – freeing your team up to concentrate on other areas of your business.

If you’re interested in integrating AutomateWoo into your eCommerce site, contact Emote Digital today to discuss how we can help. As Australia’s only Gold Tiered WooCommerce partner, we’re expertly positioned to help.

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