What is Criteo? Your Guide to the Powerful Retargeting Platform

Did you know that only 2-3% of e-commerce website visits lead to a sale? In today’s competitive digital landscape, converting website visitors is crucial. The pandemic has accelerated e-commerce growth, making a robust retargeting plan essential. We help our clients achieve outstanding results with various tools, including search and social channels, Taboola, AdRoll, Spotify, and the rising star – Criteo. Let’s dive into what Criteo is and why it’s a game-changer.

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What Exactly Is Criteo? (And How Does it Work?)

You might have heard the name Criteo but not quite understood what it is. Put simply, Criteo is a dynamic retargeting advertising platform that is fantastic at engaging people not only using their interests and demographics but also based on their shopping behaviour.

It does this by using a wealth of data. Its sophisticated AI asks questions like — are you more likely to make purchases late at night, or first thing on the weekend? What time of the year is it? Have you made purchases before? This is exactly what makes Criteo such a powerful advertising tool.


What is Retargeting and Why Does it Matter?

Retargeting is just another way of advertising.

The difference here is that it is specifically designed to re-engage users that have already engaged with your brand, but not purchased. While this might sound a bit spooky and big brother —  it’s actually all data based. Every website you visit has cookies. What platforms like Criteo do is use these crumbs to show you advertising that is specially selected for you.

How many times have you added something to your shopping cart, or have been browsing a clothing site only to get distracted by life? Retargeting shows you ads with those specific items as a reminder. Take a look at this handy chart to see why retargeting is such a powerful tool.

dynamic remarketing

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Why Is Retargeting So Important?

Retargeting is all about creating another touch point for your customers.

It keeps you at the front of the mind with advertising that drives conversions. Want proof? Our friends at DAN say that customers that are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert.

Although we are talking about a specific retargeting platform, there are also a number of different ways you can retarget using traditional methods. These include items such as follow up emails, newsletters and shopping cart reminders. The power of an advertising platform such as Criteo is that it takes the guesswork out of retargeting with its sophisticated AI and data.


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 Criteo’s Secret Weapon: Data-Driven Insights

When it comes to advertising it’s not about creating as many ads as possible.

It’s actually about creating a small selection of ads that really target your key demographic. To help shape when and where Criteo places their ads they use their wealth of consumer data. Have a look at the graph below. What trends do you notice? This is the sort of powerful data that goes into every choice at Criteo and why it’s one of our favourites.

data graph

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How We Use Criteo for Ecommerce Success

We currently use Criteo for some of our most well-known clients.

salt&pepper is an Aussie staple in homes across the country. Over our twelve month partnership, we have seen them go from strength to strength with our expert team. The latest growth has been through harnessing the power of Criteo to create dynamic ads that target a whole range of potential customers. And, most importantly, it allows us to produce some impressive results.

Have a look at some of our ads below. We can’t wait to see how Criteo will benefit our clients in the future.

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