5 Ways You Can Use Content Repurposing For Your Business

The world runs on content.

From blog posts, ads to emails there is plenty of content to keep track of. When it comes to the creation of quality content it takes both time and money. So what is the solution to keeping your brand highly visible?

This is where content repurposing comes in. This isn’t just about a quick copy paste, but creating content that can be used in a variety of formats. By doing this you can reach new target audiences and create new content — all without having to start from that dreaded blank page.


1. Create Evergreen Content 

The key to a successful repurposing content strategy? Creating evergreen content.

This refers to content that is always relevant. For example, if you were to create a blog about at-home workouts it might be better to frame it around ‘Easy Exercises To Do At Home’ rather than a blog specifically targeting lockdown workouts. Although the content might be similar — one of these might have a very short shelf life.

The benefit of creating content that remains always relevant is that you can reuse it for years to come.

“By embedding a re-purposing culture at the strategy and initial production phase, you can keep your owned, earned and paid media content calendar full with engaging and time proven material that keeps your audience entertained.” Digital Agency Network 

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2. Repurpose With A Purpose  

Need help deciding on what content is best for repurposing?

Have a look at your analytics. Is there a post or blog that did well? An ad that had high engagement? When it comes to repurposing content you are looking to turn your winning content into even more views.

A great way to get a lot of great content is through blog posts. Blog posts are a fantastic way to emotionally connect with your audience — but what if a lot of your audience doesn’t visit your webpage?

This is where content repurposing shines by allowing you to target a different demographic. Turn your blog post into a series of captions and posts for Instagram to ensure that you are reaching different audiences.

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3. Get Amazing SEO Results 

There is another reason why repurposing content is so crucial for your brand — it does wonders for your SEO.

SEO not only makes your brand rank better in Google searches it also helps feed into the complete web ecosystem of your brand. By linking, repurposing and creating a wealth of content you help your brand feel lived in.

By using content repurposing you can massively boost your SEO without having to invest a lot of time and money. If you’re looking for someone to break down the SEO basics why not check out our blog?

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4. Boost Your Brand Awareness

Your content also can be used as part of a successful paid strategy.

Use your content for general brand awareness and top of the funnel ads. This is a powerful strategy for brands of any size — and incredibly important to ensure that your content is always relevant on every platform.

Have you heard of the marketing rule of seven? It’s the idea that a customer needs to hear a statement seven times before purchasing. Don’t just post content and let it disappear in the vastness of the internet. Repurpose your content for different channels, both organic and paid, to ensure that you always stay visible in your customer’s minds.

Content repurposing combined with a diverse marketing channel strategy is an absolute recipe for success.

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5. Turning Data Into Views

When it comes to content repurposing it’s not just about cross-promotion.

Repurposing is about changing something for a new target market or utilising a different format. Case studies are a great way of turning content into multiple formats. Have a look at some of our case studies — our copywriters turn raw data into fun, informative and easy to read posts that target a wide variety of audiences. Consider doing the same for your business.

Are you interested to learn more about the world of content writing? Have a look at our Content Writing Success Stories page to find out more.

Want to turn your content into currency? Come and chat with the expert team at Emote today. 

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