The Good News: Emote’s Facebook Success Story

We have some incredibly exciting news to share. 

You might already be aware that we’re a Premium Facebook Partner, which is the highest possible Facebook partnership — a rank given only to agencies who have proven themselves to be at the top of their game when it comes to delivering exceptional results through Facebook and Instagram advertising. 

Now, we’re also 1 of only 4 agencies in the Asia-Pacific region to have a Success Story published by Facebook. Take a look here. This is a massive deal as it shows just how capable our amazing team is at delivering exceptional results, that even Facebook are keen to showcase our achievements.

Facebook shares case studies they call Success Stories that are used to inspire and motivate brands around the world. These are carefully chosen prime examples of advertising success across many businesses so you can see how a business similar to yours is growing with Facebook marketing. 

We’ve been specifically chosen by Facebook to showcase our results and confirm that we’re one of the very best when it comes to Facebook advertising. Agencies have to show their ability across all of Facebook’s products, channels and placements, and that’s exactly what we did.

The Emote Success Story highlights how we helped the online accessory label Erstwilder create a full-scale strategy to boost brand awareness and increase their revenue by a massive 62% from social. 

This is one example of many where we’ve transformed social advertising results for clients. 

  • Homeware brand salt&pepper tripled (that’s right, tripled!) their monthly revenue after 12 months of working with us
  • JR / Duty Free saw a 39% increase in revenue and an increase to 23x ROI from social advertising
  • Fitness brand NC Fitness achieved 26x ROI after engaging our services
  • Our global activewear client saw an 800% (yes, you read that right) increase in revenue from social while reducing cost per purchase by 39%

Want to see more? Take a look at our case studies and find a business similar to yours to see how we can grow your success.

It feels good to be acknowledged in such a special way for the success we bring our clients. We work hard to demonstrate our capacity and ability across all areas of Facebook marketing, as well as managing a notably high level of media spend (averaging $5 million per quarter).

Looking to live out your very own success story? Chat to us today.

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