The Importance of Diversifying Your Marketing Channels

At Emote we don’t believe in keeping all your eggs in one basket. 

We believe digital diversity is our biggest strength as an agency — and absolutely essential to any business. 

Facebook and the Australian Government have recently been involved in a spat that left Australians unable to access the news — with a whole range of non-news pages pulled down as collateral.  Although with recent amendments news pages have been restored — it’s a chilling wake up call that we must stay one step ahead of the whims of platforms. 

It’s not just Facebook that has been making waves. Apple’s new iOS update has changed the way we use marketing identifiers — plus we’re still feeling the effects of COVID on lives around the world. It’s a tricky time. 

But we don’t feel nervous at all. In fact, we’ve prepared for this. 

“Companies that want to survive in the coming decades won’t make it by focusing on each channel separately. They have to think more holistically and put customer experiences at the heart of their marketing strategy across every channel.” Harvard Business Review 

Two people look over a digital tablet. Diverse tools to use in your eCommerce business.

One Step Ahead

It has never been more essential to diversify your business. The past twelve months have seen a monumental shift in the way we do business online. 

Having a diverse suite of marketing channels you can rely on is key to weathering any platform changes. By doing this, we ensure that our clients are never relying wholly on a single platform. 

When you think of digital platforms it’s hard to overlook the big players like Facebook and Google — but they’re not your only options. There are a whole variety of platforms and tools that are ripe for the taking. 

  • Spotify has just committed to growing its podcast empire by purchasing podcast and ad hosting company Megaphone. Spotify is now a major advertising platform that allows you to target specific demographics using its Streaming Ad Insertion tool.   
  • TikTok reaches an audience that might not be as receptive to traditional marketing. With over 850 million downloads in 2020 alone, it has massive marketing potential.  There is also a huge variety of advertising available that can be personalised to your own business. From hashtag challenges to Branded AR Content, Tiktok has something for everyone.
  • Taboola is a top of the funnel brand awareness channel. It promotes articles or pieces of content, like sponsored posts, that targets the individual user. This popular native advertising tool reaches over 1.4 billion unique users per month
  • AdRoll is a display platform that focuses on retargeting customers using bottom of funnel conversion turning customers into buyers. With only 2% of buyers making a purchase during their first visit to an online store, AdRoll helps you target the other 98%.
  • Criteo is another retargeting service that focuses on sending dynamic advertisements to buyers based on the individual. Website visitors are 43% more likely to convert with retargeted ads, making Criteo a powerful eCommerce tool. These services are key to get customers coming back with cost-effective targeted ads.

Worker surveys stock in bottle-shop. Emails are an essential tool in creating a diverse marketing strategy.

Not Quite Snail Mail 

It’s an often-overlooked element in marketing — emails. 

When it comes to outbound audiences, your email list is the only thing you’ll truly ever own so make sure you take time to invest in building a database. The key here is using emails for targeting across all channels, not just EDMs. Emails can perform a staggering number of different roles, from targeted marketing to exclusive offers and discounts. 

With an average return on investment of $42 for every dollar spent emails are a fantastic tool for creating a brand that people believe in. If you want to get the most out of your emails you can check out our blog post here

Modern consumers shop across devices, both online and in-store, and often start shopping with one method and finish shopping using another. That means that marketers have to create a complete and seamless experience for their audience to compete for sales.AdRoll 

Three young people look at a phone. Multi-channel marking is a key tool in any business.

Fortune Favours the Bold

If you’re relying too heavily on one channel and then they make drastic changes (just like Facebook did) it can leave your business in a state of panic. Not to mention you could be missing a huge chunk of a potential audience on another platform. 

Multi-Channel marketing allows you to create a seamless brand across multiple platforms. It creates confidence within the consumer and allows for strong brand retention. It gives you the best value in the long run as you can test out multiple marketing avenues for your business. 

Do you need to diversify your marketing channels? Reach out to our team of experts today and create a digital strategy that can weather any storm. 

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