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Creating a stronger and more user-friendly website for Australia’s premium commercial refrigeration supplier

Bromic is a privately-owned, 40-year-old Sydney-headquartered manufacturer and wholesaler. This fast-growing B2B group with separate operating divisions including the ultimate in commercial refrigeration needed a complete redesign and rebuild of the refrigeration website to improve the user experience across a variety of target audiences.

We were more than happy to use our expertise to help deliver on the promise of the brand’s innovative vision and help build a stronger customer base.

The Challenge

Bromic Refrigeration needed a website that reflected its commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in commercial refrigeration, with enhanced functionality, improved efficiency and the ability to cater for multi-users.

Our team became the trusted partners with Bromic Refrigeration to meet these goals.

sitemap of bromic website
sitemap wireframes

The Approach

The initial work was to build and refine the website that showcased Bromic Refrigeration as a premium brand and included a variety of different integrations.

Throughout the development phase, our team was able to enhance the user experience with specific functionality that allowed for searching and adding products to a cart, getting a quote and from where the client could contact their customers outside of the website, finding specific technical information about a product, etc.

The Outcome

A better user experience for all target audiences including distributors, trades personnel and the general public.

Product pages displaying RRP and stock availability by integrating Microsoft  NAV 2016 ERP through RESTful APIs.

A resource library including manuals, catalogues and specification sheets.

Fully customisable and content author friendly backend.

Data Import/Export functionality in different formats.

layouts of homepage on desktop view
mobile view

And what do customers of Bromic say about our work?

“Please pass on my absolute huge congrats to the team that designed your new website. It is absolutely user-friendly, great information, so easy to read and having a dealers portal is fantastic… I love it!” 


  • NAV2016 – ERP 
  • Gravity forms
  • Algolia Search
  • WooCommerce Integration
logos of tech used in bromic website
various design elements


Multiuser Solution –  created a website for two separate user types: 

  • General Public (Anonymous users)
  • Dealers (Logged in users)

Dealer Library
– this is a resource library only available for logged in users.

This gives them the ability to filter by Resource Types and Products Categories to find resources they need, such as User Manuals, Specification Sheets, Product Images, Bromic Logos, Product Brochures and Catalogues, and more.

Dealers are also able to view extra resources across the website. For example, products have Downloadable Assets associated with each product. While a General User can see specific resources, a Dealer is able to see more resources for the same product.

Features (cont.)

Fully customisable backend – we gave Bromic the full ability to customise the pages.

We have built the website using multiple components which the client can use across all the pages.

fridge selection layouts

Features (cont.)

Import / Export Functionality – we added an ability to import the data to the website by using a CSV file.

To do this, we designed a custom template for import and now the client is able to import bulk products to the website. We also integrated an export functionality enabling the ability to export Users from the website. A custom template was created to do this which also allows the client to export all the necessary data.

different layouts of bromic website
bromic after results
bromic before results

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